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Energy healing

Rejuvenate Body, Mind and spirit

The focus of my work

The person who comes to see me is overwhelmed with life, too many thoughts in the head, tired, stuck, or even has physical side effect due to all this internal stress.  This person may be unconsciously sailing towards burnout.  The body just can't cope with it anymore.

Energy Healing

Remove the cause at its roots

About 95% of your body issues or obstacles in life can be linked back to trapped emotions and the beliefs about yourself and life in general. 

Energy Healing with the Emotion Code involves a bio-energetic testing process that decodes the emotions and beliefs that are stuck in your body in the form of destructive frequency patterns.  These frequencies hold us down and disrupt inter-cellular communication.  Stagnation occurs and symptoms arise.  These unhealthy frequencies are gradually dissolved and pulled out of the body.

30 Min - CHF 80.00

One session usually lasts 30 Minutes.  First sessions might take up some extra time.  Any additional time will be charged CHF 12.- for every 5 minutes. 

Energy Healing works as Distance Healing as well

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