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P. Debernardis

I turned to Mrs. Vogt with a deep, emotional blockage. After a sensitive preliminary discussion, she carried out the Tohi treatment on me. After the first few minutes I felt extremely comfortable and was able to relax and let go more and more! During the treatment I recognized what was blocking me in a healing way and I felt light and fantastic!!!
I can highly recommend Ms. Vogt! This type of treatment with energy, combined with a special, gentle massage technique, is very cathartic!
thank you very much

A. Scheidegger

After years of going from doctor to doctor because of my back pain, I finally got help.

Thank you Ms. Vogt for your help, both physically and mentally.

I would be happy to recommend you and your services.

P. Milani

I had a childhood memory that was painful which had challenged me from time to time.  

With Silvia Vogt I was able to clear it, and since then I feel good and free.


I am very grateful and can only recommend her services.  ❤️

B. Steed

Silvia and I met at Utah College of Massage Therapy in Salt Lake City, Utah, where we both pursued an education in massage therapy.   Along the way in addition to her gifted approach with a variety of bodywork and energy modalities, she developed expertise in holistic nutrition as well as impressive knowledge in Energy Psychology and the life-changing principles so needed in today's world of how to escape a counter-productive victim mentality.  In her progress I have witnessed her design and integrate a unique healing system of her own drawing from the success principles commonly espoused by world-famous healers such as Dr. Alexander Lloyd, Dr. Bruce Lipton and  Dr. Joe Dispenza. To my view, one of her greatest achievements during her years as a healer was naturally eliminating cancer from her body when the medical professionals were urging upon her a radical mastectomy. However, all of these lofty accomplishments pale by comparison to the commitment I've always felt from her. Over the years she has counseled and encouraged me with so many of my own personal health challenges. She is one of the best people I know, a true friend and an extraordinary holistic healer."

S. Passaretti

I often had pain in my back, which I sometimes treated with massage.  The pain usually became less, but was never completely gone.

However, I decided to undergo a bio-energetic test following Silvia's recommendations.  Silvia decoded several destructive emotions and beliefs associated with the pain and then channeled them out of my body.  The pain was then at a minimum.  I was totally surprised.

She tested me again and found  another connection in the spine.  A short massage on the mid back and light pressure on the spine relieved the remaining pain. The whole treatment took just under 40 minutes and afterwards I was completely pain-free again. Silvia has a special talent in that she can feel into your body and offer you the solution.

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