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Massages & specific treatments

Rejuvenate Body, Mind and spirit


I put great emphasis on quality of my massages and treat every person who comes to me as the individual that he, she or it is. Passion and dedication are part of my recipe for success. The experience that I have been able to gain over the years, the people from different cultures who have enriched me with their knowledge, give my massages and treatments their special signature.

The Quantum Massage is a luxury version of the classic massage to relieve tension and restricted movement in an even more targeted manner. I not only massage your noticeable tension, but also address your opposing muscles with pleasant rhythmic movements and stretches. For the massages I only use high-quality organic oils.

30 Minutes    CHF  60.-

 60 Minutes    CHF 120.-

75 Minutes    CHF 150.-

Ready to go a little deeper?
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Chakra foot Massage

This pleasant foot massage not only improve the muscular functions of the foot, but also stimulates subtle areas that affect the entire human system.


With the energetic power of my hands, the harmonizing ability of the healing crystal and the enchanting smelling Frankincense balm from Feeling, this foot massage has a grounding, relaxing, pain-relieving and balancing effect on the body and mind. ​


45 minutes CHF 90.-



Eloheh means wholistic harmony. It is a Massage that contains a lot of Energetic Healing modalities.  With pressure, vibrations, rhythm and stretching you will be brought into a state of relaxation to promote the process of letting go.  It helps clear the head of excess thought and overwhelm and shed the burden of everyday life. 

A lot of work is done here on the head because the goal is to ground and balance people, to "ventilate" he head in order to promote clear thinking and mental and physical harmony.

60 Min - CHF 135.-

Ein Mann mit Nachrichtenbehandlung
Entspannende Rückenmassage

tohi massage

In the Cherokee language Tohi means Wellness and inner peace.  This wonderful massage treatment, that goes deep without causing pain, was taught to me by a woman with north-american indigenous roots.   Unconscious physical patterns and energetic blockages are addressed here and encouraged to be released.  

Various essences integrated into the massage allow for even deeper relaxation and promote the recognition and release of tension and stress. Embark on a journey and connect with the knowledge of ancient wisdom.

75 Minutes  CHF 170.-

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