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solar plexus chakra

The solar plexus chakra is directly connected to our self-confidence, our goals, our abilities and our willpower. This energy center controls our assertiveness and the ability to make decisions based on inner wisdom. The Solar Plexus also supports us in developing our personal power. Harsh parenting or other physical or mental abuse can block the solar plexus.

As the core of your personality and identity, the solar plexus chakra allows you to blossom into your authentic self and discover who you truly are. It is the source of your personal power enabling you to take control of your thoughts, feelings and actions. ​The solar plexus chakra promotes the willpower and self-discipline within you to get things done and is responsible for your self-esteem and how you see yourself. It also gives you the confidence to make decisions and feel confident about those decisions. Gives you the strength to turn your thoughts into actions.


When your solar plexus chakra is not in balance

  • lack of trust

  • have difficulty completing tasks

  • procrastinate

  • you feel stuck in life, you have the feeling that you have no chances

  • You spend a lot of time thinking about doing something but never take action.

  • You don't keep your promises/commitments.

  • You are plagued by self-doubt

  • an unhealthy need to compete with others out of a need to prove one's worth by being better than someone else.

  • feel the need to control your environment and people

  • impatient and impulsive, making decisions that are not well thought out or do not agree with you, but out of desperation.

  • Mid-back pain

  • Problems in the upper digestive tract.

  • Lack of drive, motivation

  • Fatigue, low mental and physical energy

  • A feeling of paralysis when faced with important decisions

  • you avoid taking responsibility for your actions

  • Low self-esteem, feeling like you're not good enough

  • Base your self-esteem on external validation

  • Loss of self-discipline

  • Lack of confidence in yourself

  • Self-glorification

  • Anger and aggression



How to balance my solar plexus chakra?


Say your affirmations in front of the mirror to discover potential resistance. Practice your affirmations every day by speaking them over and over again and writing them down several times.  Doing affirmations can be very effective, but even more effective if you write your own which specifically address your programs and beliefs.

I am good enough and I believe in myself with all my heart


I welcome new experiences with confidence


I am my highest and most authentic self


My soul is radiant, my body is strong, my mind is brilliant


I honor my needs

I pursue clear goals

I am the creator of my life

Sound Healing

The Solfeggio frequency of the Solar Plexus Chakra is: 528 hz

The gift of the Solar Plexus Chakra

The gift of the solar plexus chakra is self-acceptance because you can't create anything in life that you don't believe you are worth it.

Energy Healing - accept challenges

take risks - martial art - weight lifting

climbing - hiking - camping

purify and detoxify body

Healing Stones

Agate: Filled with volcanic energy, agate is a solar plexus cleanser. It offers clear energy and helps channel passion into more positive areas.

Yellow Tourmaline: Its magnetic magic attracts and dissolves bad vibrations. It will shake up stagnant energy and encourage you to take action.

Lemon Quartz: brings nuances of happiness, clear thinking and sends a ripple effect of sunny rays through your life.

Essential Oils

Ginger: significantly relieves feelings of restlessness, depression and anxiety and provides feelings of confidence, self-esteem and courage

Grapefruit: purifies the mind and aura, stimulates self-confidence, intelligence and creativity

Lemongrass: allows you to find the momentum necessary to move forward and take the necessary steps to achieve your goal.

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