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Solfeggio Frequencies

The origins of solfeggio frequencies can be traced back to medieval Europe, where they were developed by the Benedictine monk Guido d'Arezzo. These sounds were widely used in Gregorian chants and were believed to have a healing effect on body and mind.

Healing with sound and music is not a new phenomenon. Even in ancient times, people listened to music to relax. And although solfeggio frequencies have officially existed since the Middle Ages, they were almost completely forgotten.  Fortunately, they were rediscovered in the 1970s by Dr Joseph Puleo.  He came across the Solfeggio frequencies while studying the Book of Numbers in the Bible, because he noticed that certain passages contained a series of six repeating codes, an ancient six-tone scale, which he surmised corresponded to the six tones of the Solfeggio scale.  He eventually discovered that these codes were linked to a series of frequencies that were used for healing purposes in biblical times.


Here are the different Solfeggio frequencies and some of the areas they address

The Solfeggio frequencies are most effective when listened with headphones, as the finest tones and vibrations can be picked up by the brain. How long you should listen to the frequencies or how long it takes until you feel a difference depends solely on your inner entanglements. As a rule, 30 minutes a day, at least 4 times a week.


There are various practices that you can combine with the Solfeggio frequencies for faster results, such as affirmations.


I personally use the sounds between Emotion Healing sessions so that the cancelled destructive frequencies are released from the body even faster after a session. For me, this means that the body and mind can regenerate more quickly and the healing symptoms are short-lived.




174 hz

  • Relieves pain in the lower back, feet and legs, helps with migraines and stress

  • Effect on brain tissue and strengthens emotional power, which promotes feelings of security, love and courage.

  • Better concentration

  • contains various nodes and background sounds that act directly on the chakras and support healing.

  • People who have lost someone or have forgotten to live happily can achieve positive results with this frequency.

285 hz

  • regenerates tissue after injury or operation. 

  • regenerates damaged organs

  • influences are surrounding energy field

  • faster healing of burns, fractures, sprains, cuts and other injuries. 

  • stimulates the immune system

396 hz

  • gives power to your goals

  • supports the healing of guilt, conscious and unconscious. 

  • strengthens the ability to find inner peace 

  • helps to reduce fears or to cancel them out completely 

  • supports the healing of destructive beliefs 

  • transforms grief into peace and joy

  • supports the clearing of sexual traumata

  • addresses unconscious topics around own sexuality 

  • open and balances the root chakra

417 hz

  • transforms negative energy into positive 

  • brings negative thoughts or behavior patterns to the surface so they can be healed 

  • allows for transformation

  • supportive with trauma

  • supportive with muscle tension and joint problems 

  • opens and balances the sacral chakra

432 hz (not an official Solfeggio Frequency)

  • clears stress and tension from your body and mind

  • connects body and conscious with nature 

  • release of serotonin and endorphins, thus lowering blood pressure and keeping heart frequency stable. 

  • has a detoxifying effect on body and mind

  • clears blockages that are in the way of our goals, often beliefs of scarcity

528 hz

  • supports a healthy flow of rhythm 

  • raises your consciousness 

  • supportive when dealing with insomnia 

  • brings transformation to your life as it supports willpower 

  • raises your vibrations

  • strengthens your self-esteem 

  • repairs your DNA 

  • helps with fear, weight issues and reprogramming the mind 

  • opens and balances the Solar Plexus Chakra

639 hz

  • harmonizes interpersonal relationships 

  • supportive in clearing relationship issues 

  • motivates the cells to communicate with its surroundings 

  • improves the understanding and the tolerance and attracts love 

  • supportive during the forgiveness process 

  • opens and balances the heart Chakra

741 hz

  • cleanses the cells, removes toxins and detoxifies organs  

  • cleanses mind and body 

  • helps with electromagnetic radiation 

  • supports communication and expression 

  • clears fears in connection to your own voice

  • speaking one's truth 

  • supports creative thinking 

  • opens and balances the throat chakra 

852 hz

  • awakens and supports your intuition

  • awakens your inner strength

  • raises cell energy 

  • cuts through illusions

  • helps in seeing yourself and your surroundings with clarity 

  • authentic connection with the outside world (physical surroundings) 

  • reduces constant thinking

  • strengthens the third eye and its visionary strength 

  • opens and balances the third eye chakra

963 hz

  • encourages body and mind to its original, perfect state

  • cellular enlightenment and transformation of the cell to a higher level

  • supports us in returning from duality to unity

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