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Root chakra

In order to be balanced in life and develop in a positive sense, our roots are enormously important because they make us strong, give us a feeling of security, and make us feel safe, balanced and grounded. The roots also provide us with trust and confidence that everything is ok. If the body is not in balance, we cannot think or act clearly and cannot live consciously. Our unconscious then activates emotions and fears that keep us stuck in survival mode.

The root chakra is also the chakra that is directly connected to our physical health. This means that a healthy attitude and healthy daily practices are key ingredients on the physical aspect of the root chakra.

When the root chakra is not in balance

  • Problems with knees, lower back and spine. 

  • pain, stiffness, heavy lower extremities

  • feeling fearful

  • feeling of being separated from your body

  • difficulty to trust yourself and trust others

  • don't feel supported

  • low self-esteem

  • lack of financial security

  • not feeling at home

  • the feeling that the ground will be pulled out from under your feet at any moment

  • worries and excessive pondering

  • the need to eat for comfort

  • digestive issues

Balancing the Root Chakra

When I balance the root chakra, then I have not only ensured that my roots are strengthened, but I am now nurturing healthy roots so that I can supply the other chakras with balancing energy.

The basic physical needs

Walks in the forest strengthen you and help you release toxins. Come into contact with the earth barefoot. Stand in one place, close your eyes and imagine that strong roots are penetrating from your feet deep into the earth, strengthening you and connecting you to Mother Earth.​


Drink enough pure water. Avoid drinking water from plastic bottles as they contain artificial hormones. Fresh organic fruits and vegetables contain healthy water. The more you eat these fresh veggies and fruits and consume less bread, pasta, chips and convenience foods, the healthier your digestive tract and digestive process will be.


Eat a flavorful diet and consciously enjoy your food. Cook as much as possible yourself, because if you cook it yourself, you choose the ingredients consciously, and you know what you are eating.


Find a sport that you enjoy, even if you think there is no sport for you, exercise improves your blood circulation. It doesn't have to be strenuous, but it should increase your blood circulation and strengthen your muscles.​


Get enough sleep and find relaxation in the form of meditation or a massage to effectively relax your nervous system, because true healing happens during relaxation and sleep.


Distance yourself from people who are energy vampires. You feel this by becoming tired whenever you are around certain people. Or maybe you know people who just talk and you just listen. This is very stressful for your nervous system, so learn to distance yourself in some way. Consume as little destructive media as possible and check your presence on your cell phone and social media, as they can strongly influence your fundamental frequencies in the body.


Stand in front of a mirror and say them aloud while looking into your eyes. If you feel resistance, you can rest assure that you still have a trapped belief.  Practice the affirmations by speaking them daily, writing them down several times over.  Practice it for at least 30 days.  And return back to your mirror occasionally.  Doing affirmations can be very effective, but even more effective if you write your own which specifically address your programs and beliefs.

I am strong, balanced, grounded and rooted in the present

I feel safe and I trust myself

I have everything I need to create the life I want and I am very grateful for it.


I am connected to Mother Earth and guided by her

With every breath I let go of all fears and make room for love, joy and inner peace

I welcome abundance into my life

I value my body and make healthy choices

Sound Healing

Each chakra vibrates at a specific frequency and is assigned a certain solfeggio frequency. For the root chakra this is the frequency: 396 hz. I prefer the sounds of “Meditative Mind” or “Inner Lotus Music”.

The gift of the Root Chakra

The gift of the root chakra ist trust, the feeling of safety in an uncertain world.  We have to trust that everything that is happening has a higher purpose.  

Energy Healing - Energy Massage - Yoga - Fitness 

intimate, physical pleasure - cuddling - tasteful food

Gardening - trees - forrest - sun - evening sun Mountains - ocean

Healing Stones

Black Tourmaline: probably the most powerful protective stone, protecting you from low frequencies and balancing the body's energy. Through grounding, it deepens the connection to the physical world.

Red Jasper: stimulates the energy of the root chakra, supporting your inner self and encouraging you to face the intimidating situations that stand in the way of your growth.


Red Quartz: shapes our sense of stability, security and connection to the earth.

Aromatherapie Öle

Frankincense: its warm and earthy scents are grounding and uplifting

Cedar wood:  is grounding, cleansing away negativity and releasing tension

Patchouli:  can support in feeling stable, peaceful and uplifted

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