I am not worthy - I am not good enough

Aktualisiert: 22. März 2021

I am not important…. I am not worthy…. I am not good enough… These statements might be just one of the few feelings that govern your beliefs and control your life.

If the feelings we internalized during gestation or experienced at birth or early childhood caused us to feel rejected, we have been going through life unconsciously setting up situations that cause more feelings of rejection.


From those first feelings of rejection our perception subconsciously established the belief that being rejected was the name of the road upon which we were to travel. So, each time the opportunity presents itself, and in order to stay on our road, we unknowingly validate this erroneous belief through our behavior.

Take a real good look at what is going on inside you. If the negative conditions in your life are on-going and patterns are repeated over and over this is definitely telling you

that you are out of harmony with the Laws of the Universe.

One of the more obvious indications that your feelings and thoughts are inharmonious or out of sync with Natural Laws are once health problems start to occur. Illness and pain remind you that you are no longer in the original state of balance. Your unconscious mind is trying to communicate to you through your physical body, and pain is one sure way it gets your attention.

The true path to Inner Harmony starts the moment you begin to unlock the issues of your spiritual heart. Once you have learned how to truly change your perception you will have started the process of changing your body's chemistry.

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