Your Unconscious Mind Wins Every Battle

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So many of us chase a goal or dream - be it career, fancy toys, achievements, status, health or relationships - because we believe that external circumstances will grant us that Inner Peace that we actually want so bad.

We even believe that we have to reach that external goal or dream to get to that inner state of love, joy and peace. But that's never true. An external motivation will never create peace, love, joy, etc. Or let's say, not for very long because as soon as you get that new car, you soon will chase after another goal in the hopes that the new goal or dream will give you that inner peace.

The external goals are never capable of producing the internal state you wish for; the inner state always creates the external circumstances. These qualities are the necessary prerequisites for health, wealth, creativity and success in any field. At the same time, internal states such as fear, depression and anger create external circumstances that are the opposite of success.

Within the past 20 years, experts have shown to us that the root cause of our symptoms of pain and anxiety lies in the invisible problems of our unconscious and subconscious mind where they are stored as cellular memories.

But what exactly are cellular memories? Actually nothing more than your memories. Research only uses the word cell because it was once believed that all memories were stored in the brain. However, we now know that these memories are stored in our cells throughout the entire body.

Dr. John Sarno of the New York University Medical School has published groundbreaking research on psychosomatic illnesses and the mind-body connection, particularly when it comes to back problems. Dr. Sarno supports Dr. Lipton and Dr. Nestler's research which shows that chronic pain and illness in adults originate from destructive cellular memories. When the cellular memory is healed, the chronic pain and illness diminishes as well.

The regular use of Energetic Psychology has helped countless people improve their quality of life. Illnesses were defeated that were believed to be chronic. Relationship issues were no longer present, and career goals were achieved with a lot less willpower.

How can that be possible? It is very simple. Once you have attained the internal states of love, joy, inner peace, etc, you will no longer have negative programmings of fear, anxiety, low self-worth, etc on your hard disc. Your cells will no longer be in self-protection mode but will be surrounded by high vibrational frequencies which is the basis for optimal health, true happiness and success.

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