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Hey, there.... I am Silvia and it is my goal to make a difference in your life, to empower you to go after your true life-goals, to break away from the old You that has been living in this confined area of space to make room for the true you, to live your passion with joy and compassion.  

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About me

My name is Silvia and I love life because there are so many opportunities for us to grow if we perceive the signs and signals, because there are really no coincidences in life. 

In 2002, after many years with Southwest Airlines in Los Angeles and then Salt Lake City, I decided to take a different path.  I attended the Utah College of Massage Therapy to become a Massage Therapist.

As time went on, I became hungrier for knowledge and I studied Wholistic Health and Energy Psychology. 

2003 National Certification in Massage Therapy

2014 Stress Management by use of specific manual therapy

2016 Certified Holistic Healthcare Councelor

2020 Certified in Energy Psychology

2021 Course in Human Behavior

In 2018 I was at one of the lowest points of my life.  It was an awakening from a deep sleep accompanied by deep emotional pain that kept me in denial.  Unbalanced energies were manifesting in my external reality and I urgently needed emotional and energetic healing to give my physical existence a second chance.  On this journey I discovered a specific ability I possess, the ability to feel into people's bodies.  This urged me to create this special journey, the Create your Magical Journey

If you are like I am, then you are probably very independent and your are searching for life's solutions on your own.  That is one reason why I created this website.  I love writing, and currently I am working on a book.

As a matter of fact, whether you know it or not, you already have all the knowledge within you.  You just need to allow yourself access to your innate powers.  Unfortunately, to most of us, it is not that easy as past trauma and generational programs have pasted thick layers of negative perceptions on top of each other not giving our true powers breathing space.

So, if you feel that you are stuck, don't get discouraged, but understand, that maybe you don't need to do this on your own.  Life is too short to waste its potentially most wonderful moments because, imagine this: we are all meant for so much more than what we are currently living.

Whether you want to start your journey with massage and the power of aroma therapy or dive right into emotion healing, I am here for you.

Today, I pick up people where I once was at.



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