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Emotion & Body Healing

All wisdom is already within you. Unfortunately, this knowledge is somewhat buried and not always accessible, mostly due to the conditioning and possible traumas of the past, because almost everything you attract into your life or block accordingly has its origins in trapped emotions and the associated beliefs about yourself and your life. And these details all have a frequency that either moves you forward and lets you enjoy your life, or keeps you stuck and confronts you with the same issues over and over again, or makes you sick.

In an Emotion Healing session, I connect with you on an energetic level to test and  determine your destructive frequency patterns. I then accompany you through the healing session by cancelling out the destructive frequencies and last but not least encourage the flow of healthy and positive energy where there was previously no or only limited inter-cellular communication.

In this way, you gradually bring your chakras into true balance and thus activate your true strength.

....because life really just wants only one thing from you,

to experience you in your most loving, joyful & beautiful version

Silvia Vogt

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