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In the here and now 


„Hello, I am Silvia," and I 

would like to welcome you to my website: Balance & Healing, which I created to support your journey in discovering your true powers so that you can create the life that will make your soul happy.


I invite you to.....

to go on an adventurous journey to redefine your life, to experience the life-changing magic, and all that in an accessible, simple and magical way.

Because you were destined for so much more...

           Silvi Vogt

         cooming soon.....

Create your own magical journey

The book, that will guide you step by step through your personal transformation to live the life you are here for because life is a journey.  Allow yourself to evolve and to discover life in all its vibrant colors.  

The Magical Journey also includes the seven main chakras.  If you would like to learn a little bit about chakras, their blockages and what it means to be balanced, you can start here.

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