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change your beliefs and you change your life

Updated: Apr 9

ein Mann, der ein Boomerang wirft
change your life

Are there certain beliefs that keep you from creating the life the way you imagined it? What if you changed your beliefs? What if you just let those old beliefs go to make room for a new way to see and experience life. What would that mean for you and your general well-being?

Or, what if you are stuck in a relationship with the belief that your partner just isn't making you happy anymore or that you are hoping for more love but just keep waiting for it. Do you really think that a new partner will shower you with love if you are not open to give and receive that love unconditionally? Could it be that you first need to gift yourself that love before you can receive it in return?

I will tell you why you are here today. You are probably reading this because there might be an area in your life that seems to be lacking balance for whatever reason. Maybe your life is lacking love and the connection to others. Maybe you are feeling lonely, unnoticed and invisible longing for abundance. The quintessence is that there is a dis-balance in your life that is keeping you from living your best version.

Look around. There is abundance everywhere. Trees don't just have barely enough leaves. They have more than enough. Abundance is the true nature of life and you as an unique expression of life should mirror that abundance.

Do you wish for optimum health and well-being, then be ready to make different choices and to raise your awareness. Be ready to view your dis-balance from a different angle because the reason, the true source is never to be found on the outside. It is always within you.

During this process of change you will feel resistance which is absolutely normal. That is your ego that wants to hold you down, but do not ever let yourself be fooled by the voice of the ego. It wants to keep you safe. The safety-zone is also the comfort-zone, and if you want to grow and change your life then you must be ready to leave that comfort-zone stepping into the unknown.

There are no coincidences. Whatever you have attracted in life is precisely what you need to advance in life. Sometimes we get the same problems over and over until we consciously decide to tackle the true cause. Maybe you are currently in survival mode. How do you know? Take a look at some of the characteristics.

  • feeling nervous

  • feeling anxious

  • feeling fearful

  • feeling overwhelmed

  • procrastinating

  • to compare to others

  • self-critic

  • not feeling good enough

  • not having enough energy or motivation

  • not having enough time

  • being indecisive

  • etc.

While you are trying to transform your inner state, leaving the victim-mentality behind you and welcoming the creator-mentality, you begin the true developing process and you are going to feel some deep changes taking part in your thoughts, convictions and your overall quality of life. Maybe you are a bit skeptical, and that is ok. You lived this long in survival, that you thought this is how life is supposed to be. "Some are lucky, others aren't", you thought.

Most people truly never allow themselves to feel the deep emotions that are trying to surface so they can be healed. Instead they push them aside with love substitutes or behaviors of addiction. They sweep the problems under the rug to magically make them disappear, at least temporary. But you can't run from your problems because ignoring them won't solve them.

The truth is: We all want to change ourselves when it is usually too late or when we are not willing to go through another life crises. To understand the illusionary world we live in, you have to realize that your mind has built a prison a long time ago. You have called this prison home as you have mistaken it for life. You have built it based on your past experiences, painful memories that you didn't want to relive. But the walls are invisible, yet you can't escape until you discover the keys that will help you unlock the doors.

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