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Effective Affirmations

Is there a phrase that you keep saying to yourself without realizing the magical power your words can have on your life, both positive and negative?

I never have any money... or .... I can't do it... or... I'm always stressed. The universe thinks that what you ordered is what you want and sends you what you ordered.

But what if we were more conscious of our words from now on? Or what if we consciously think, speak and even write statements that correspond to our ideas and support us in overwriting the old, often unconscious, destructive programming?

And this is precisely the purpose of so-called affirmations. I personally prefer the basic affirmations of the seven main chakras, because they focus on specific topics that support us holistically in maintaining the connection between the different chakras and thus also our physical well-being and mental clarity and can be decisive whether we are stuck in life or evolving.

It is best to start with the affirmations of the root chakra. Stand in front of the mirror and say the affirmations out loud while looking deep into your own eyes. As soon as you feel resistance somewhere, you can assume that you are feeding a trapped emotion or belief inside that is causing constant stress. So, you say these affirmations until the resistance is gone. This can sometimes take a long time and therefore there is the possibility to change this affirmation a little so that the reprogramming becomes easier. To do this, choose the soft wording version, e.g. I trust myself ... then becomes... I am learning to trust myself.

Speak and write these affirmations daily until you feel that something is happening in your deepest core.

Another option is journaling, which is a little more time-consuming, but it connects you with your current fears and programming so you can write your own affirmations. I recommend this option as it allows you to feel inside yourself and write your own reprogramming based on your story.

Choose a relaxing song, if possible healing frequencies or any healing sounds that inspire you. Then write the affirmations of the root chakra you have chosen for yourself. As you write, you will receive impulses and gradually change your affirmations so that they are right for you. You can also add to to them or change them and write them in a way so that they make sense to you or inspire you. Use your imagination to do this. However, make sure that you never start the sentences with the words... I wish... or I hope for myself.... . Always write in the present tense, e.g. I have, or I am.... and explain your statement with a reason so that it is easier for you to accept this new belief. Instead of just writing, I feel safe... you write: I feel safe because I have everything I need to survive and grow. Be specific, because your affirmations will be much more powerful that way.

Write down your affirmations over and over, 30-45 minutes and eventually you will notice that you are allowing yourself to dig deeper and deeper and your affirmations become more and more precise to you. That is the power of journaling. And once you have found and chosen the positive affirmations for you, you can start the real work.

Say them several times a day with full conviction. Write them down again and again, for at least 30 days, just until you really feel that something is changing. On average, this is between 21 - 60 days. Allow yourself a time-out every day for yourself and your affirmations and celebrate yourself for the positive change.

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